Mori Tea Set

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Mori Tea Set

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Mori Kyusu and Yunomi are our beautiful ceramic teapot and teacup made in Mino, Japan.

The name comes from the Japanese word Mori which means forest.

The style is a fine balance between the modern shape of the teapot and the teacup and traditional Japanese ceramic and decoration. The handmade leaf pattern conveys a peaceful atmosphere to enjoy a relaxing tea time.

The teapot comes with an incorporated metal filter that is easily removed and isolates the tea leaves from the spout when pouring. 

Mino Ware is known as one of the largest producers of Japanese pottery.

The set consists of:
- 1 x teapot (Mori Kyusu)
- 2 x teacups (Mori Yunomi)

Mori Kyusu:
Volume: 340 ml


Mori Yunomi:
Volume: 190 ml
Diameter: 8 cm 

Height: 9 cm 

Made in Mino, Japan

Please note: The colours can vary depending on the light. The shape, colours, and capacity can vary from one to another. This is an indication that each piece is unique and carefully handmade. The tray in and the flower shown in the photo are not included.

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