We supply the best quality Japanese matcha, tea and teaware in Australia. In doing so we want to support ethical farming, to carry on ancient and invaluable Japanese tradition. This provides you with healthier, more nourishing and beautiful higher grade products. 

We supply only certified organic Matcha and tea, products which constitute only 3% of the entire tea production in Japan.
We convey our values not only with the best tea but also with teaware, which is made by hugely talented and prestigious artists who diligently apply traditional methods and craftsmanship.
In Japan, tea is more than just a hot drink. It is an important ritual that requires specific preparations and it is truly held in high respect within the culture.
We would like to share this lovely tradition with you, as it allows us all to stop, and have a moment of rest and peace in our super busy, fast paced modern lives.

Edo was the old name of Tokyo during the Samurai era. 
We decided to call our shop Edo out of respect for the culture, traditions and values of that time.

My name is Taka. I was born in Australia and raised in Japan. In 2014, I moved back to Sydney Northern Beaches. 
One day after enjoying surfing I was having a cup of green tea, and I thought to myself how much I missed high quality tea and matcha from Japan. Especially the one I used to have with my grandparents, who introduced me to this Japanese custom of drinking tea. 
There was only one solution! I had to research and source the best Organic Japanese tea and teaware and make it available to you via this online shop, here in Australia.
I already share, with a lot of our Australian friends, my passion for nature and natural things, contented life, organic food and I realised that Japanese tea culture combines these elements perfectly. It not only offers sharing, conversing, reflection upon life, but it can also provide the added benefit of making your body healthier and stronger.
One of the most important things for me was knowing where our tea would come from, and who would make the teaware. 
I was only interested in sharing with you authentic and high quality products. 
Thanks to my Japanese roots I was able to talk directly to the finest organic tea producers, the best Matcha whisk and scoop craftsman, and pottery artists from Tokoname and Mino.
And I am delighted to offer you our limited selection of matcha and tea with the most authentic and unique Japanese teaware.

We hope you will enjoy it!