Our Mission

At EdoMatcha, our mission is simple yet profound: we're dedicated to supplying the finest Japanese matcha, tea, and teaware to the discerning connoisseurs of Australia. In our pursuit of excellence, we aim to support ethical farming practices and uphold the invaluable traditions of Japan. By doing so, we're able to provide you with a collection of products that are not only of the highest quality but also healthier, more nourishing, and inherently beautiful.

Our Values

We take great pride in offering only certified organic matcha and tea, a distinction that accounts for just 3% of Japan's entire tea production. Our values extend beyond tea alone; they manifest in our teaware as well. These exceptional pieces are meticulously crafted by highly skilled and prestigious artists who diligently employ traditional methods and craftsmanship.

In Japan, tea is more than a mere beverage. It is a sacred ritual, deeply rooted in culture and tradition. Tea, in this context, commands profound respect and specific preparation methods. We aspire to share this beautiful tradition with you, allowing us all to pause amidst our fast-paced lives and find moments of rest, peace, and reflection.

Why "Edo" Matcha?

"Edo" refers to the historic name of Tokyo during the Samurai era. We chose this name to honour the rich culture, traditions, and values of that time.

Who We Are

I'm Taka, the founder of EdoMatcha. I was born in Australia and raised in Japan. In 2014, I returned to the Sydney Northern Beaches. One day, after enjoying a surf, I was sipping a cup of green tea, reminiscing about the high-quality tea and matcha from Japan that I had missed. It was the tea I used to share with my grandparents, who introduced me to this treasured Japanese tradition.

The solution was clear: I needed to research and source the best organic Japanese tea and teaware and make it available to you through this online shop here in Australia. I've always shared a passion for nature, organic food, and a contented life with many of our Australian friends. I realised that Japanese tea culture perfectly aligns with these values. It fosters sharing, conversation, reflection on life, and enhances our well-being.

One vital aspect for me was knowing the origins of our tea and the artisans behind our teaware. I was determined to share only authentic, high-quality products. Thanks to my Japanese heritage, I was able to establish direct connections with the finest organic tea producers, masterful matcha whisk and scoop craftsmen, as well as pottery artists from Tokoname and Mino.

Today, I am delighted to offer you our limited selection of matcha and tea, paired with the most authentic and unique Japanese teaware. We sincerely hope that you'll enjoy your experience with EdoMatcha.

With warm regards,

Taka Kaneko & Holly Boyall