Certified Organic Tea from Kyoto and Kumamoto, Japan

Explore our organic tea, cultivated in Kyoto and Kumamoto, Japan. Certified by the Japanese Agricultural Organic Standard (JAS), our tea is free from chemical substances, proven by both Japanese and international organic certification bodies.
Please savour the flavour of our meticulously crafted Organic Tea, cultivated with utmost care.


Types of Tea

Tea trees, known as Camellia Sinensis, are evergreen trees in the camellia family, originating from the southern region of China. The leaves of Camellia sinensis are processed differently, resulting in various types of tea based on their manufacturing methods.

Tea manufacturing method

Unfermented Tea (Green Tea)
Leaves are quickly heated to stop enzymatic action, creating the refreshing taste of green tea.

Semi-Fermented Tea
Fermented to some extent, then heated and stopped. Oolong tea is a typical example.

Fermented tea (Black Tea)
Processed after considerable fermentation.

Post-Fermented Tea
Processed leaves undergo further fermentation by microorganisms.

Types of green tea

Most Japanese tea is green tea, with variations in cultivation and processing methods.

Steamed sprouts dried by rubbing, offering a harmonious blend of fragrance, umami, and astringency. High in caffeine, tannin, and vitamin C.

Fukamushicha (Deep steamed tea)
Longer steaming time than sencha, resulting in less astringency and more sweetness.

Round-shaped leaves, dried with hot air, creating a mild taste with little astringency.

Sprouts covered to avoid direct sunlight, high in amino acids for rich umami and low in tannin for a mellow sweetness.

Sencha roasted to a golden brown, offering a fragrant, refreshing scent with low caffeine and tannin.

Green tea blended with roasted brown rice, featuring a refreshing mouthfeel and less caffeine.


Grown in shade, steamed, dried, and ground to powder with stone mills. Essential for tea ceremonies, known for mellow sweetness and deep scent.


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