HARIO Cold Brew Tea Filter-in Bottle, 750ml - RED

Best Seller

HARIO Cold Brew Tea Filter-in Bottle, 750ml - RED

Best Seller

The HARIO Cold Brew Tea Filter-in Bottle is perfect for cold-brew tea and infusions. HARIO is a Japanese glass products manufacturer founded in 1921. 

The simple and stylish design will bring a perfect touch to your dining table. The bottle is made of glass which ensures that the colour and odour of the previous drink don't stain the bottle, and it has a silicone lid that prevents leakage. The filter mesh at the top of the bottle ensures that the tea leaves stay in the bottle when pouring the tea. The glass component of this Filter-in Bottle is made from 100% pure and natural earth-friendly material.

You can use the Filter-in Bottle to enjoy our Green TeaHojicha, Oolong Tea as well as other teas. You can also put your favourite fruits and vegetables in and cover it with water to make your own detox water. 

What is MIZUDASHI (Cold Brew)?
MIZUDASHI is a cold brewing method, in which cold water is used instead of hot water. Brewing takes place slowly over time and an incredible flavour is produced as a result.

Tea leaves contain tannin and caffeine (causing astringent taste) as well as Theanine, an amino acid that provides overall umami (savoury taste) and sweet complexity. If tea is brewed at a high-temperature tannin and caffeine can make the tea taste slightly bitter. However, if tea is prepared slowly at a low temperature, the tannin and caffeine will hardly dissolve into the water, and Theanine (amino acid) can be accentuated. This is why tea prepared with cold water is rarely bitter and has a mild yet rich flavour. Green tea has a high concentration of Theanine, especially Japanese green tea.

How to make cold-brew tea?
It's so easy with the HARIO Cold Brew Tea Filter-in Bottle.

  1. Place 15g of tea leaves (5-7 teaspoons) into the glass bottle.
  2. Fill the glass with water to the top measurement marking (750ml).
  3. Set the stopper into the spout and let the tea brew in the refrigerator for 3-6 hours.
  4. Enjoy!

Cleaning the bottle after use is also very simple. The bottle, filter mesh, and lid can all be easily removed for washing and is dishwasher-safe.



Materials: Hario Glass, Silicone, Propylene
Dimensions: W87×D84×H300 φ71mm
Capacity: 750ml


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