Organic Japanese Matcha, Ceremonial Grade

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Organic Japanese Matcha, Ceremonial Grade

Best Seller

Our ceremonial grade matcha is a testament to the ancient art of Japanese tea-making. Sourced from the pristine fields of Ujitawara, Kyoto, this matcha is the epitome of purity and quality.

Organic Elegance: Our matcha is cultivated with utmost care, embracing a completely organic approach. No fertilizers or pesticides come into contact with these precious tea leaves. This devotion to nature is confirmed by the prestigious JAS certification (Japanese Agricultural Standards of Organic Products).

A Symphony of Flavours: This is not just any green tea; it's the finest matcha, renowned for its vibrant emerald hue and a taste that's as smooth as silk. Each sip offers a delightful balance of mellow and invigorating notes that awaken your senses and soothe your soul.

A Heritage of Tradition: Ujitawara, the birthplace of Japanese green tea, cradles the history and tradition of tea-making. Nestled in an untouched natural valley, approximately 250 meters above sea level, this enchanting town brings forth matcha that's steeped in centuries of wisdom and nature's gifts.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder (Kyoto, Japan)
Net Weight: 20g/50g/100g/200g - Please note, only the 20g comes in a tin. 50g-200g is packaged in the bag as depicted in the last image.

How to make matcha

  1. Prepare hot water around 80℃. Pour hot water into the bowl once to warm it up and discard it.
  2. Put 2 scoops of matcha (2g) in a bowl and about 70 mL of water at 60℃-70℃. The appropriate amount is about 1/4 to 1/5 of the bowl.
  3. First, mix the matcha that has sunk in the bottom slowly to disperse it, then lift the chasen upright and whisk back and forth using your wrist until the bubbles form.
  4. When there are fine bubbles on the surface of matcha, it is ready. The taste of tea changes depending on the amount of matcha, the amount and temperature of hot water, and the time it took to whisk.

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